Forest Hills Financial Group - Keys to Success

When you join Forest Hills Financial Group as a Financial Representative, you'll get access to a number of training resources . As a preview, consider the following 8 keys to success; an FHFG mainstay.

Know Your Clients
It's important to realize that everyone is not a prospect. It is best to create a profile of your ideal client and focus on it. This means mastering the products, services and planning tools - and really no others - that fit your profile.

Get Personal
People buy in today's market because they are comfortable with you and your understanding of their needs. Continuously introduce yourself and follow up with individuals who you've met with. The personal touch will get you referrals.

Be Prepared
For every client meeting, a written, customized agenda will help keep your client and you focused and working as a team. Know your products and financial principles well and you'll make a strong impression.

Stay Visible
Contact prospects on a regularly scheduled basis until they become clients. Furthermore, existing clients need an annual, if not semi-annual check-up. Invest in marketing so people know who you are and what you do.

Collaborate and Learn
By working with a partner who has been in the business on a successful basis for a few years, you can quickly learn how to anticipate and handle any of the standard objections to buying - no need, no money, no hurry, no confidence. Consider sharing your commissions with an experienced financial representative as your "tuition."

Keep Current
Forest Hills Financial Group and Guardian require our associates to get fully licensed to sell financial products and services. The more you're authorized to sell and advise, the more your client will rely on you to build protection dollars on one hand and net worth on the other.

Commit to Your Business
First, reinvest 25% or more of your business income back into the business for the enterprise to prosper. Second, establish a board of advisors. The board could originate as your supervisor, then grow to include other agents in your office and ultimately successful clients.

Stay Balanced
Balance is important in any career, but as an entrepreneur, it's even easier to get swept up in work. At FHFG we suggest going so far as to schedule family, exercise and community time.